Looking Back


In December 2007 Fr John celebrated his fiftieth Jubilee as a priest. In January of 2009, he retired from formal parish ministry, having reached the age of seventy-five. Both events provided opportunities for him to review his fifty years of priesthood, and the Church and world to which he ministered.

  • My Hopes, Fears and Vision
    - Fr John made this Contribution to the June Meeting of the Council of Priests in 2009, five months after his retiring from formal parish ministry
  • ODC Interview
    - In 2010, Fr John was interviewed by the diocesan publication “Our Diocesan Community” which, at the time, was running a series of interviews with priests of the diocese. He cooperated somewhat reluctantly, because he would have preferred the publication to be less priest-focussed. In fact, his reservations were respected, and the interview was not published. It does provide, however, an overview of his life and a little opening into some personal details.
  • Overview of the Last Fifty Years – 1957 to 2007
    - This was a talk given at Redan to invited guests to celebrate Fr John’s fifty years as a priest. All of those present had been closely involved with him over the fifty years in a variety of roles and ministries
  • Toast proposed to the Diocesan Jubilarians - 2006